Foreign exchange

Cash vs. Card: How much do you save with cash while travelling overseas?
  • How much do you save with cash while travelling overseas?
  • When would it make sense to use credit cards?
Why is cash still king for travel despite the cashless wave?
  • Why is using cash still the most popular way to pay on holidays despite the cashless trend?
  • Can money-changer rates be better than multi-currency accounts?
How bad are exchange rates at the airport?
  • How much S$ do you lose by changing money at the airport?
  • Is there a better way?

Overseas credit card use: What are the hidden fees?
  • What are the charges for using your card overseas?
  • How are the foreign exchange rates determined?
Why comparing against exchange rates from Google is wrong
  • How do you access whether the exchange rate you're getting is fair?
  • What are your opportunity costs?
Overseas credit card use: Should you pay in SGD or in foreign currency?
  • What are the different fees when you pay in foreign vs. billing currency?
  • How can you avoid the extra fees?
Visa vs. MasterCard: Who gives better exchange rates?
  • Does Visa or MasterCard give better exchange rates?
  • How do Visa and MasterCard determine exchange rates?


Common travel scams (and how to avoid them)
  • What are some of the most common travel scams?
  • How can you avoid them?