What or who is Thin Margin?

Thin Margin is Singapore’s first and largest 24/7 online money-changer, bringing foreign currencies to your doorstep at very competitive rates! 

Err….what does Thin Margin even mean?

The difference between the sell rate and the buy rate of a currency is known as the spread, or the margin. We operate efficiently on very, very, thin margins to bring you the best rates and convenience!

How can Thin Margin help me?

Be it convenience or maximising your currency exchange, there seems to be always a trade-off.

If you value maximising the exchange (especially if you’re exchanging large amounts), you might find it worthwhile to make the journey to more competitive money-changers in the CBD (typically the Arcade at Raffles Place, Chinatown, or Mustafa).

If you value convenience, and want to save precious time simutaneously, you'd most likely patronise the money-changers at Changi Airport, or those near your workplace or home. This unfortunately sets you up for less favourable exchange rates.

This is where Thin Margin excels. Our exchange rates are almost always better than those at convenient locations (neighhourhood or airports), and to top it off, we provide even more convenience (we deliver right to your doorstep). So here’s our commitment instead; we’ll always strive to provide you with the best value. Forget about making the tiresome journey to the ATM or faraway money-changer. Forget about queueing. Convenience doesn’t have to come at a price. 

What currencies do you sell and deliver?

We're always working to add more currencies. Click here for the full list of currencies we currently sell and deliver. 

How can I contact Thin Margin?

You may reach us by email at, or whatsapp at +65 8895 9086. 

Why is it not a standard operating procedure for customer to count the money in front of the rider before signing for the proof of delivery?

Thin Margin ensures customer safety first, that is why we do not let the rider sight the cash. Our operations is equipped with CCTV, so the whole packing process is recorded. In case of dispute, we will review the recording and will do the necessary. The customer need only make sure that the package is sealed and without any torn or damage.

Delivering money sounds a little risky. Is it safe?

Of course! The first thing we’d like you to know is that customers do not bear any risk of delivery. Thin Margin will be fully responsible for getting the currencies to your doorstep. As a customer, this is even safer for you because you do not have to visit the ATM, carry large amounts of SGD to the money-changer, then carry large amounts of foreign currencies back home. 

I’m a little worried about paying in advance. Is my money safe with you?

Absolutely! We ensure that your funds are segregated from our business funds, and will only be used to complete your order. It is no different than paying in advance for goods in the e-commerce space. We are also regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as a money-changing business, and you may verify this here.

Wait...are you regulated?

Yes, we are! We are regulated in Singapore by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as a money-changing business.

Why do you require my identification details?

We take the security of your money very seriously. That’s why we identify and verify all customers to ensure that all orders are legitimate. No fishy business here! More importantly, verifying customers allows us to ensure that the money is received by the correct recipient (you).

This is also in line with the Singapore government’s requirement to place robust controls to deter and defect the flow of illicit funds. Don’t worry, we go through great lengths to keep this information safe, and we will never share it with external parties. We are compliant with Singapore's Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). 

Is your website secure?

We use industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 256 bit technology to encrypt all data transmissions, the same standard of encryption banks use in general.This means that any information passed between your computer and our website cannot be read by a third party. Besides, we do not store any credit card information at all. Look for the green bar on your browser's address bar; it is an indicator to prove that Thin Margin has been legally verified by a certificate authority.

How do I make payment?

We accept payments via PayNow / Bank Transfer or NETSPay for currency orders. 

What is the minimum and maximum amount of currencies I can order?

The minimum amount is S$500 and there is no maximum order amount.

How long are the exchange rates valid for?

The exchange rates on the website are live, and may move anytime. The rates will be locked in for you for 20 minutes to make payment. 

What if the exchange rate changes after I’ve made payment?

Rates for buying are final and locked-in for you, regardless of your selected delivery date. Rates for selling are indicative, actual rates are applied on collection date

Can I choose the denominations to receive?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer that option at the moment as choosing the denominations increases logistics cost significantly. However, we’ll do our best to give you a reasonable range of denominations.

I am transacting a large amount of money. Will I get a better deal?

Definitely! We offer tiered rates, depending on the amount transacted. The more you purchase, the more you save! Try changing the amount to see the exchange rate change. 

May I request for a refund?

As with all money-changers and many sales channels, once an order has been submitted, we will be unable to accommodate any requests for a refund. Please ensure that you order the correct amount!

Do you deliver to my neighbourhood?

We deliver to almost the entire mainland Singapore. To be sure, please enter your postal code when you're adding your address. 

What are your delivery hours?

You may choose your preferred delivery timeslot during the purchase of foreign currencies at the "Delivery" page.

How soon can you deliver the currencies?

Generally, you can receive your currencies within 2 days at the soonest. However, this depends on the availability of the delivery timeslots. To be sure, please check the available timeslots at "Delivery" page.

What documents do I need to present to your delivery staff?

Please remember to present your ID and PIN code to our delivery staff, and ensure that the envelope you receive is sealed and bears no evidence of tampering. For your own privacy, please check the contents after our delivery staff leaves your premises. 

Are there any delivery charges?

We offer free delivery if you purchase at least SGD 2,000 of foreign currencies in a single transaction, or if you also purchase any other product. Otherise, free delivery is still quite easy to qualify if you get foreign currencies for your travel companions too. For example, if you're travelling with three other friends and each of you need SGD 500 of foreign currencies, you'll qualify for free delivery! Otherwise, there is a delivery fee between S$5 to S$15 depending on your amount. 

May I ask someone else to receive my delivery?

Yes, of course! You may authorise someone else to receive the delivery via your account page or during the ordering process.

May I reschedule the delivery?

We understand that your plans may change and we'll do our very best to accomodate any changes.

Delivery timeslot is more than 48 hours away

If your delivery timeslot is at least 48 hours away, you may change your delivery details at your account page, under “My Transactions”.  Please click on the dropdown, then click on "Change delivery details". You may change your delivery timeslot once for free.

Please understand that changing the delivery timeslot affects our resources and impacts our costs. We run on extremely thin margins to bring you the best value, so a redelivery fee of S$10 may apply (only if necessary) if you request for a second reschedule. 

Delivery timeslot is less than 48 hours away

Please contact us at or call / Whatsapp us at +65 8895 9086 to change your delivery timeslot. Please note that a redelivery fee of S$10 may apply (only if necessary) if your delivery timeslot is less than 48 hours away. 

What if I’m not home to receive the delivery?

We understand that plans may change, and we will try our best to reschedule for another delivery. Please contact us at or call / Whatsapp us at +65 8895 9086 as soon as possible. 

If you are not present to receive the currencies during your delivery time slot, it affects other customers and impacts ours costs. We run on extremely thin margins to bring you the best value, so please note that a redelivery fee of S$10 may apply (only if necessary). Not to worry, our delivery staff will wait for a maximum of 5 minutes.

If needed, please reschedule your delivery at least 48 hours in advance.

What if my delivery is late?

Unforeseen circumstances as such adverse weather or traffic conditions may cause delays at times. If this happens, we’ll keep you informed and deliver your currencies as soon as we can. If you have not been informed and your delivery is still late, please contact us with your order number at or by phone or whatsapp at +65 8895 9086.

How do I use the promo codes?

Please apply any promo codes you may have before proceeding to the "Delivery" page.

Can I update my email address and/or mobile number?

Yes, you may update them at your account settings page. Please note that you will have to verify your updated email address and/or mobile number again.

I no longer use the email address associated with my Thin Margin account. What should I do?

If you no longer use the email address associated with your Thin Margin account, you may contact Thin Margin Support at or +65 8895 9086 for help restoring access to your account.

May I create multiple accounts?

No, please do not create more than 1 Thin Margin account as everything will be tied to your identification details.